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Embed online bookings into your Squarespace website
Embed online bookings into your Squarespace website

Using Squarespace? This guide will show you how to set up online bookings on your website!

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Squarespace is quickly becoming a popular option to create websites for businesses. It's simple to use, and you can embed your online bookings right on your site. Visitors can book an appointment instantly on your site, and it only takes a few minutes to get it set up!

Please note that as of July 2020, Squarespace classifies the code block as a premium feature. If you do not have access to this premium feature, you can add the booking URL to your Squarespace site with a button block, navigation link, or text link. Instructions to do this can be found a the bottom of this article.

Embed online bookings into your Squarespace site

Copy the bookings code

First, you will first need to make sure you have your online bookings set up for your clinic. If you have that already set up, you will need to copy the "Embed code" from your Cliniko account. To do this, head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

You will find the code under "Code to embed in your website". You can either highlight and copy the code, or just use the button that says Copy code:

Once you have that, you can add this to your Squarespace site. If you head to the page that you want the online bookings on you can add a content block that contains Code:

You will now see a place where you can put the Cliniko embed code. You may see some pre-filled text, but you can erase that all, and paste your embed code there:

Hit the APPLY button and you are all set ๐Ÿ‘.ย 

If you decide that you want to add more appointment types, practitioners, or availability to your online bookings, you will only need to change those settings in Cliniko, and this page will automatically update for you!ย 

Add a link to your online bookings page

If you do not have access to the premium features in Squarespace, you can still add your booking URL to your site. To do this, head into your online bookings settings, as outlined above, and copy the bookings URL. Once you have that, you can add this to your Squarespace site using one of the the methods outlined here. If you would rather have the code embedded on your site, you will need to contact Squarespace to upgrade your account or ask them for help!

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