Find your Cliniko login page

Here's how to get your practice's unique address.

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When you sign up to Cliniko, your account is assigned a unique web address. Here's how to find out what your address is.

Find your Cliniko login page

Head to and select log in or go directly to

Enter your email address, and click continue:

If you have only one Cliniko account under that email, you'll be brought straight to your Cliniko login page. If you have multiple Cliniko accounts under the same email, you'll be asked to choose which account you want to log into:

Click on the account you want to log into. Your Cliniko login address will be in the address bar at the top: 

You can take note of that, memorise it, or save it as a bookmark for quick and easy access. Here's how you can save that as a bookmark!

If you're having trouble logging in, you can reset your password. Head over here to learn how!

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