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Managing account owners

How to handle owner users in your Cliniko account.

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Cliniko accounts can officially have owners—an owner’s user account is protected, meaning that no one else can make changes to it.

The person that creates the Cliniko account will be designated owner by default. It is their responsibility to grant ownership to another user in the case that they are not the rightful owner of the account.

This feature was introduced on the 4th of June, 2019. Accounts created before this date with only one administrator user have had that user made owner by default. Multi-administrator accounts from before this date do not have the ownership feature.

Owners will be indicated on the user settings page:

If you want to make someone else an owner, you can head into their user settings and set that up. They’ll need to be an administrator already:

🚨 IMPORTANT: Granting ownership to someone else will mean that no one else, yourself included, can modify their details or revoke their ownership. You’ll be prompted to verify your password prior to granting ownership to another user, as in the example below.

You’ll also see that, once someone has been made an owner, their details cannot be edited:

If at any point you wish to relinquish your ownership, you can do so in your user settings (however, at least one other user would need to be an owner before you can do this):

What to do in an ownership dispute

Every once in a while, it happens—the designated owner of the account ends up being the wrong person. They might be an ex-employee or someone you can't easily contact. What can you do to make sure ownership is transferred to the rightful owner?

  1. Talk to the account owner
    The first thing you should do is reach out to the Cliniko account owner and try to resolve the issue directly. They will need to log into the account, grant ownership to a different user, then relinquish their own ownership before you can make their user account inactive.

  2. Seek legal advice
    If the person doesn't respond, or things are taking too long, we recommend that you seek advice from a lawyer or your professional association. You may be able to legally compel the current owner into transferring ownership of the account.

  3. Contact Cliniko
    The Cliniko team will try to avoid any involvement in ownership disputes. The easiest and best resolution will come from the involved parties settling the dispute themselves. However, if you have tried the above and aren't having any luck, you can reach out to us with details of your situation.

Please be aware that involving the Cliniko team in an ownership dispute is unlikely to lead to a quick fix. These situations generally involve our own lawyers, and sometimes require us to lock your Cliniko account while we determine the rightful owner. Please make sure you have tried all avenues available to you before contacting us for help with an ownership dispute.

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