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Find your total number of patients
Find your total number of patients

Get the total number of patients in your Cliniko account.

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The quickest way to figure out how many patients you have in your account would be to run a data export

This article will walk you through the steps.

Get your total number of patients

This function will only be available to administrators.

Head to Settings, and then Data exports:

Select "patients" as the type of data you want, and be sure to select "Any time" to "Any time" as your date ranges:

Click that Export data button!

Depending on how much data is in your export, it might take a few minutes to generate! You don't need to stay on this page while you waityou can navigate to somewhere else, and then come back here.

Once your file is ready, you'll see it in the list of available exports to download. The number in parentheses under "Patients" will indicate the total number in your account:

This is a "snapshot" of your account at this point in time. When a new patient is added, that number will go up. If you completely delete a patient, that number will go down. This number will include anyone you've archived.

You can use this same method to calculate the total number of other things in your account, as well! Whatever is in the parentheses under the "type" of data you've exported will indicate how many of that thing existed in your account at that in time.

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