Every message that is sent or received through Cliniko has an ID number associated—this number is unique to the particular communication, and comes in really handy if you need to investigate something about the message (for example, if you can see it sent from Cliniko, but the patient has reported not receiving it). This is what the support team would require to look into any communication! 

These numbers can be found via the communications log, but we'll walk you through the direct steps right here.

Find a communication ID number

Head to the Communications log, and find the message you're after:

Click on the date, and you'll be brought to another screen with details of the message. The ID number will be found at the end of the URL, after where it says communications in the address bar:

Using the above example, the communication ID number is 144296269 — that's because the URL is https://stay-healthy.cliniko.com/communications/144296269.

Copy that number (or the whole URL; either is fine!), and send it onwards to our support team. We can help from that point on!

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