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Add a referring doctor to a patient
Add a referring doctor to a patient

If a patient has been referred by someone, you can link that person up with the patient as a referring doctor!

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Let's say that a GP referred a patient to you. You probably want to keep a record of that GP somewhere in the patient's details! 

This is where the referring doctor function comes in. By linking the GP (or whoever it is!) up with the patient, you can always know that they're the person who referred the patient to you, and you can also include them in communication to/about the patient, if need be.

Add a referring doctor to a patient

Before getting started, you'll need to be sure to add the referring doctor as a contact into your Cliniko account. Learn how to do that here. Also, please note that referring doctors are not the same as referral sources!

Find the patient you want to link the referring doctor to, and edit their details.

Under the Other information section, you'll see the option to select a Referring doctor (by default, it will say "None"):

Click where it says "None", and you'll then be able to search for the contact in question:

Once you've selected a name, save the patient's details, and then the referring doctor will be shown under the General information section:

Clicking the referring doctor's name will bring you to their contact details page!

Right now, it's not possible to add more than one referring doctor to a patient.

Now that you've linked the patient's referring doctor, you can also include this doctor's details in letters (and send a letter to the referring doctor, too). Check that out over here.

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