Change your calendar's weekly view
Adjust the number of days that your calendar displays!
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By default, Cliniko will display a 5-day, "work week" view of your calendar, running Monday through Friday:

If you work on the weekends, though, or simply don't like seeing so many days at once, you can adjust things! 👌 

We'll walk you through how to change the weekly view on your computer, as well as on a mobile device (like an iPhone, iPad, Android, you name it!).

Change your calendar's view (desktop)

☝️Note: These instructions are for the desktop version of Cliniko. If you're on a mobile device (phone or tablet), the process will be different. Learn more about it here.

On the Appointments page, you'll see a little menu in the upper-right of the screen:

Click that menu, and you can select from 1 day, 3 days, Work Week, 6 Days, or 7 Days. You'll see that the calendar changes depending on which "view" you select:

☝️Note: These settings are device- and browser-specific. This means they're only visible on the computer/browser you're on. What you change will not affect other users' accounts, nor will it affect your own account if you log into Cliniko on a different computer or browser.

Change your calendar's view (mobile)

If you're on a mobile phone or tablet, the process for changing the view will be a little different! This is due to the "responsive" layout of Cliniko (it looks different when viewed on a smaller screen).

You'll want to click the little "arrow-in-a-circle" icon in the upper-right corner:

That will open up a menu for you, and you can select the number of days to display:

Here's an example of that function in action:

☝️Note: As with the desktop "view", these settings are device- and browser-specific. So if you use an iPhone and a Surface Pro, and you want them both to display the 3-day view, you'll have to adjust the settings on both devices!

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