Change your calendar's weekly view

Adjust the number of days that your calendar displays!

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By default, Cliniko will display a 5-day, "work week" view of your calendar, running Monday through Friday:

If you work on the weekends, though, or simply don't like seeing so many days at once, you can adjust things! πŸ‘ŒΒ 

We'll walk you through how to change the weekly view on your computer, as well as on a mobile device (like an iPhone, iPad, Android, you name it!).

Change your calendar's view (desktop)

These instructions are for the desktop version of Cliniko. If you're on a mobile device (phone or tablet), the process will be different. Learn more about it here.

On the Appointments page, you'll see a little menu in the upper-right of the screen:

Click that menu, and you can select from 1 day, 3 days, Work Week, 6 Days, or 7 Days. You'll see that the calendar changes depending on which "view" you select:

These settings are device- and browser-specific. This means they're only visible on the computer/browser you're on. What you change will not affect other users' accounts, nor will it affect your own account if you log into Cliniko on a different computer or browser.

Change your calendar's view (mobile)

If you're on a mobile phone or tablet, the process for changing the view will be a little different! This is due to the "responsive" layout of Cliniko (it looks different when viewed on a smaller screen).

You'll want to click the little "arrow-in-a-circle" icon in the upper-right corner:

That will open up a menu for you, and you can select the number of days to display:

Here's an example of that function in action:

As with the desktop "view", these settings are device- and browser-specific. So if you use an iPhone and a Surface Pro, and you want them both to display the 3-day view, you'll have to adjust the settings on both devices!

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