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My Xero integration got disconnected. Help!
My Xero integration got disconnected. Help!

If your Xero integration got disconnected, you can hook it back up. Learn how!

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Connecting your Cliniko account to your Xero organisation is generally pretty seamless…but there can be occasions when the two stop getting along. 😤 Basically, Cliniko attempts to talk to Xero, but Xero's like, "Don't sit with us! ✋" and then moves to a different lunch table. Kids. 🙄

It's easy enough to fix this back up, though! You'll want to follow some of the steps as you normally would for getting it connected in the first place. Those include:

The only things you'll need to do in order to kick things back into gear is reconnect the integration and synchronise any invoices that didn't get sent during the downtime. Any other "custom" settings you may have created (sending individual payment types to their own unique clearing accounts, for instance) will remain as they were. 👌 

Reconnect Cliniko to Xero

Head to Settings, and then Integrations:

Under Integrate with Xero, press the Connect to Xero button:

You'll be asked to log in to Xero, just like you were when you set the integration up the first time:

You'll then be prompted to allow Cliniko to access your Xero account's data. Click Allow access:

There will be a message stating that Xero is bringing you back to Cliniko—don't leave the page:

The page will refresh, and you will now see a page called Edit your integration with Xero:

Your previously selected default accounts should be listed but make sure everything still looks correct. If everything looks good, click the Save integration settings button, and you'll be reconnected! 🙌

Synchronise Older Invoices and Payments

Depending on how long Cliniko and Xero have been disconnected, you may need to synchronise older invoices and payment. This will not double up on anything. It will simply see what has not been synced (due to the disconnection) and send it to Xero! 

In the Integrate with Xero section, click the link that says Synchronise from previous date:

Use the calendar to navigate to the earlier date:

And then click the Synchronise previous information to Xero button:

You'll then see a message indicating that Cliniko is currently preparing to "batch sync" your invoices and payments to Xero:

There are a few things to keep in mind with this!

  • It does not happen immediately. The "batch sync" process runs on "Xero time"—meaning, Cliniko has to abide by the rules that Xero sets in place for when it "accepts" new invoices and payments! Invoices will generally make their way into Xero quicker, but payments will take a bit longer—Xero's API (the "path" that is used for Cliniko to talk to Xero) only allows for one payment to be sent across each minute. This means that it you have a lot of older payments, they could take a few hours (or even days) to materialise in Xero.

  • It does not happen in any particular order. If you have invoices and payments numbered 1 through 5,000, number 2,591 might be the first one to hit Xero, and number 1 might be the very last! There's no way to tell which ones might be synched over to Xero first, but rest assured—they will all make it!

  • You can still create new invoices and payments in Cliniko while this "batch sync" is working. The batch sync is a "behind the scenes" process, so it won't affect any work you're doing in Cliniko while it happens!

  • Please keep in mind that payments made via account credit will not sync over. The invoices will sync over, but they will remain as open in Xero (even though they would be closed in Cliniko). You will need to manually record the payment against that invoice in Xero, if it was paid via account credit in Cliniko. 

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