Archive a business

Archive a business location if you're no longer using it!

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If you have multiple locations within your account but no longer need to access or use one of these locations for some reason, you can archive it!

Archiving a business will not delete anything related to that business—it simply means that it will no longer be "live". You won't be able to book any patients in for appointments at that location, but you can still run reports for data related to this location (i.e. appointments, invoices assigned to that location, etc.).

Only administrators and power receptionists can archive businesses.

Archive a business

Head to Settings, and then Business information:

Select the location you wish to archive, and hit the Edit information button:

On the next page, you'll see an Archive button at the top of the page, which you will want to press:

You'll be asked to confirm if you do, indeed, want to archive it:

When you hit OK, this business location will now be archived! It won't show up in your main list of businesses any longer, but you'll still be able to run reports on it:

If you ever need to make that business active again, you can unarchive it!

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