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Sell a product by adding it to an invoice.

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When you create an invoice, you'll be able to include products on it, in the same way you include billable items. You'll "sell" a product by adding it to an invoice, and when you do this, the stock level of that product will be reduced accordingly! 

Selling a product

First things first, create the invoice. Under Invoice items, hit the Add product button:

You'll then be able to select the product you want to add. If you have a lot, a drop-down list will display, but you can type the product in (or even just a few letters of its name) and Cliniko will "match" some options for you to select from:

Select the product you want to include, and it'll show up as a line item! You can adjust the quantity if need be, add a discount, and even add additional products. When you're finished, create the invoice. You'll see that product display like this:

And your patient will see something like this on the PDF version of the invoice:

Congrats! You've just sold a product (or several)! 🎉

If you check the product's settings, you'll also be able to see that the stock level has automatically adjusted itself, based on the quantity that you sold. For example, a -1 indicates that just one item was sold:

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