Payment errors & how to fix them

If you're editing or creating a payment and running into trouble, check out these solutions!

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When creating or editing a payment, there's a chance you might encounter some error when attempting to save your changes. You'll typically see a message that looks like this at the top of the page:

If you scroll down on the payment you'll find the cause of the issue. In this article, we'll walk you through some of common errors you might see, and how to fix them! For quick reference, here are the errors we'll be covering:

The "Payment allocations exceed the amount of the payment" error

The problem: You can't edit or delete this payment because doing so would create more credit ("allocations")  than actually exists on the patient's account:

The reason: This error usually indicates that the total you have allocated (in the Apply to invoice section) is more than the Payment source amount:

The solution: You'll need to adjust the Payment amount applied to the patient's invoice(s) so it does not exceed the Payment source total (for example, I cannot apply $100 to an invoice if the patient only paid $50):

Once adjusted, you'll hopefully be able to save your payment 🙌!

The "Payment amount cannot be zero" error

The problem: A payment cannot be zero dollars:

The reason: In the payment source field, you either have $0.00 entered, or it's blank:

The solution: Be sure that there is a number entered in the payment source field!

The total amount you've entered will show up in the payment amount box, at the bottom, as in the example below.

As long as you've entered a number correctly in the payment source field(s), you'll see a number show up in in that Payment amount box, which means you've done it correctly!

The "Please enter a number" error

The problem: There's a character in the payment source field that is not a number (such as a hyphen after the total amount):

The reason: Most non-numeric characters can't be included in the payment source fields, with the exception of a hyphen before the total amount (if you need to enter a negative payment) and a period. 

The solution: Delete that rogue non-numeric character, and you'll be set!

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