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Learn how to edit a payment.

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If there's a mistake with a payment, you can do one of two things: archive it, or edit it!

Archiving will be the preferred option if you want to remove it entirely. However, if you made a mistake by putting the wrong amount in the payment source field, or applying it to the wrong invoice, this can be fixed by editing it!

This function is only available to administrators or power receptionists.

Editing a payment

Find the payment you wish to edit. This can be found in one of two places—either via the Payments tab:

Or it can be found on the invoice it's been allocated to, at the bottom:

Once you've selected the payment you want, click the Edit button at the top:

You'll be able to edit any of the fields on the payment:

You can change the payment source, change the payment amount, change the date, and even remove the payment from this invoice and apply it to a different one, in the event this payment was applied to the wrong invoice!

When you're finished, hit Save payment, and you're all set!

If the payment you're editing has already been applied to an invoice, or if there's account credit on this patient's file, there's a chance you might encounter some errors when trying to edit. If this happens, send us a message, and our support team can help!

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