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Partial items on invoices

Need to add half of something to an invoice? We have some suggestions!

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There might be times when you need to bill for part of an item—maybe you charge an hourly rate and a session went a little bit over. Maybe you charge for mileage. Basically, you charge for something that isn't necessarily just "one" of that thing!

If you've tried adding a partial item to an invoice (i.e. 0.5 or 1.5 of something), you'll know that it doesn't work. You'll be met with this little error message that talks about "quantity must be an integer":

So, you will be required to enter a whole number. But what if you need to charge for only part of something? We have a couple of suggestions!

Adjusting the quantity of a unique billable Item

One thing you can do is create a new billable item for these "partial" items. Give it a name that fits—for example, if you're charging an "overtime" fee for every 15 minutes an appointment goes over, call it "Overtime". Set the value to what you'd charge per every 15 minutes—let's say it's $15. 

On your invoice, you can add "Overtime" as a billable item, and adjust the quantity accordingly:

In the above example, there was 45 minutes of overtime, so we've adjusted the quantity of the item "Overtime" to 3, totalling $45.00. This would be added to the total, along with your other billable items!

Adjusting the unit price of a unique billable item

In the same vein as the example above, you could create a new billable item for the "partial" item (or items) that you want to bill for. However, in this example, leave the price as $0.00.

When you add the item to your invoice, rather than adjusting the quantity, you'd adjust the unit price:

The idea is still the same—this will be added to your total, along with the rest of your billable items on that invoice!

These are just suggestions, so they may or may not work for you—but we hope they may help to guide you towards a way to process partial items on your invoices! 

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