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Learn how to edit an invoice!

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In the event that there's a mistake with an invoice, you can do one of two things: archive it, or edit it!

Archiving is a good option if you want to completely get rid of it—maybe it was created for testing purposes and you simply don't need it anymore. However, if you made a mistake by putting the wrong amount or item on the invoice, this can be fixed by editing it!

This function is only available to administrators and power receptionists.

Editing an invoice

Find the invoice you wish to edit. This can be found via the Invoices tab:

Once you've selected the invoice you want, click the Edit button at the top:

You'll be able to edit any of the fields on the invoice:

You can add or remove billable items or products, change the related business, appointment, or practitioner, and even modify the issue date (and closed date, if it's been closed). 

When you're finished, hit that Update invoice button, and you're all set! 🎉

If the invoice you're editing has already been paid, there's a chance you might encounter some errors when trying to edit it. Head over here to learn more about those and see how to fix them!

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