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Map Cliniko taxes to Xero's tax rates

Link taxes in Cliniko to corresponding tax rates in Xero.

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If you have different billable items or products that have different taxes applied, you can specify which "tax rate" (in Xero) each item should be mapped (linked) to!

By default, all items will sync to the Default Xero tax rate for tax exempt revenue:

However, if you have items that have tax on them and need this recorded somewhere in Xero, you can specify this!

In order to set this up, you will need to have done two things, listed below.

Map Cliniko taxes to Xero tax rates

Once you have your tax rates set up in Xero (Xero talks about how to do this here), head to your tax types in Cliniko:

Select the tax type you wish to map to an individual tax rate in Xero, and select the appropriate one from the Xero tax rate menu:

Select the one you want, and then click the Update tax button:

Once this has been done, any taxes charged on any of your invoices will be synced over to the same tax rate in Xero. If you choose not to specify a tax rate (it's not required, don't worry!), it will simply be synced over to the default tax rate, as set up in your main Xero integration settings.

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