While individual treatment notes can be saved exported as PDFs, there might be times when you need all of one patient's notes in one document! This is where the history report comes in.

Print all of a patient's notes

First, select the patient you need all the notes for. Then, click the History button:

This will load the history report in another browser window for you:

It will contain:

  • A full list of appointments for this patient.
  • All treatment notes that have been written for this patient.

From here, you can save it to your computer as a PDF, or print it! All done. 👌 

History reports are really handy because they contain all notes and appointments for a particular patient, which makes it really easy obtain a large quantity of patient-related information at once, rather than having to take note of each individual appointment or each individual note!

Similarly, if you need to obtain all invoice information for a patient, you can run an account statement. Head over here 👉 to learn how to do that!

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