Relate patients to one another

Set up relationships (siblings, parents, spouse, etc.) between patients.

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In some instances, you may have several patients that you need to relate to one another—for example, a couple, or a parent and child. You can easily relate patients in Cliniko with just a couple of quick steps!

Add relationships between patients

Select one of the patients you wish to add a relationship to (it doesn't matter which party you choose and edit their details.

Scroll to Related patients, and start the process of adding one:

Click the Add relationship button:

Select the other patient that you wish to relate to this patient, and select their relationship type (i.e. partner, child, relative, etc.):

You can add as many relationships as you need to! This might be especially useful if an entire family are patients at your clinic.

Be sure to click the Save patient button, and then you'll see the newly-added relationship (the name will be a link, so you can click right through to see that patient's details!):

That's it! 🙌 When you head to any of the newly-related patients' details pages, you'll see that the relationships have automatically been applied—so you won't need to re-add any relationships.

Need to add a new patient? Learn how to do that here!

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