Update stock levels using expenses

Automatically update the stock levels of your products by entering a new expense!

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So, your clinic is doing really well and it's almost sold out of the famous insoles that are curing all of your patients problems! 🙌

This means it's time to buy some more stock. Luckily, Cliniko has a handy expenses section where you can record the purchase of those insoles. Also, because Cliniko likes to be a bit of a know-it-all, you can use the purchase to update your stock levels, too! 

Update stock levels using expenses

Head to the Expenses page, and then click the Add expense button:

Fill in the details about this expense:

Be sure to indicate that it is, indeed, a products purchase:

Find the relevant product, and enter the unit price and quantity. 

If this expense relates to multiple products, click the "Add product" button, and add as many as you need!

Click the the Create expense button, and Cliniko will handle the rest—you can check it out on the product itself, where it will be listed under Stock adjustments:

All set! You can, of course, manually update your products' stock levels, too—but using expenses to update stock levels can help to eliminate a step! 😀

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