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Add a medical alert to a patient

Add an alert that provides at-a-glance information about patients.

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A medical alert can be quite useful for practitioners when referring to the patient details and treatment notes pages within Cliniko. It will be highlighted at the top of every patient's profile page for handy reference on important information! 

Adding a medical alert

Head to the patient you wish to add the alert for. Click Add medical alert:

Type the medical alert in, and press Save:

The medical alert will now display at the top of the patient's page, like this:

You can add as many as you need! 👌

If you ever need to delete or modify a medical alert, simply click on the alert itself, and you'll be able to update it (or delete it):

That's all you need to do!

Medical alerts can only be seen by practitioners and administrators. This is because we recommend that you can use this for sensitive information surrounding allergies, historical injuries, or any important reference points that you need to know about—and it's likely that this information would only be relevant to someone who treats the patient.

If you'd like to add notes that can be seen by all users, we suggest looking into the extra information feature. If you need notes that show up on every single appointment for a patient, check out appointment notes!

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