Add notes to a patient

Add important notes and extra information to a patient.

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The extra information field in a patient's details page can be useful for a variety of purposes—you can use this to write down basic information, historical data (if perhaps you had imported patients into Cliniko from another program), or even tracking numbers of appointments. Non-practitioners can see these notes, too, which make the possibilities endless! 🤗

Add extra information to a patient

Go to the patient's file, and edit their details. In the Extra information field, enter whatever information you need to include:

Save the details, and then you'll see the notes below the patient's contact information:

That's it! You'll be able to edit the notes at any time, and you can remove or add content at your discretion. If the patient's notes are long, you'll be able to scroll through the notes box for ease of viewing.

Need to add some information that would be a little more private? Have a look at medical alerts!

If you'd prefer to have information that will show up on the patient's appointments, we suggest taking a look at the appointment notes feature.

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