Assign a concession type to a patient

Automatically give your patients concession discounts on services by assigning concession types.

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When you add a concession type to Cliniko (and then give that concession type a special price), you'll be able to assign any concession type to a patient. 

Then, when you invoice that patient and include a billable item that has a concession price applied, the price of the service on the invoice will automatically reflect the discounted concession price!

Concession types and pricing cannot be applied to online booking payments.

Assign a concession type to a patient

You'll need to first set up concession types, as well as apply prices to them!

Once you've done that, select the patient you wish to assign the concession type to. Edit their details, and under Billing information, select the concession type you want to assign to them:

Click the Save patient button, and you're done! Now you've assigned a concession type to your patient, you'll see the applicable price display on an invoice that's generated for this patient (as long as the billable item on that invoice includes a concession price).

Create an invoice with a concession price

When you create an invoice for a patient that has a concession type assigned to them, they'll be automatically discounted—as long as the billable item on the invoice has a concession price related to it.

Create the invoice for the patient, and if the billable item has a concession price assigned to it, you'll see that the concession type is listed by the billable item, and the price has automatically reduced accordingly:

When the invoice is saved or emailed as a PDF, then, the concession type (and reduced amount) will display as such:

That's it! 🙌

Keep in mind that you'll only need to assign a concession type to a patient once, and any invoices generated for that patient will take both the concession type and concession prices into consideration. You can remove or change the patient's concession type at any time, as well!

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