Facebook Bookings is an application that brings your current online booking setup to your Facebook page. Now your patients can book an online appointment without ever leaving Facebook!

☝️Note: Early in 2018, Facebook enacted new rule in which a Page needs to have over 2,000 or more fans in order to install the Page Tab. If you have under 2,000 fans on your Page, we recommend using the Call to Action button, which will direct people to your online bookings page!

Setting up the integration

You will need to be an Administrator to set this up, and online bookings must already be configured

Once online bookings are enabled, you can link them up with Facebook! 

Head to Settings, and then Integrations:

Under Facebook Bookings, click the Add to Facebook button:

This will prompt you to log into your Facebook account:

And then you will be asked to select the Facebook page you wish to add your online bookings to. Select the page, and then click the Add Page Tab button:

Once you've integrated your account, a Bookings link will appear in the menu on the side of your Facebook page:

Your patient will see this when they click that link:

That's it! Your patients will be able to book online with you on their laptop/desktop without ever having to leave to Facebook! 🙌

Setting up access to online booking for mobile

Since Facebook does not allow Integrations or "apps" to appear on their App or mobile website, we recommend setting up the "Call to Action" button on your Facebook Page so it links to your Online Bookings.

☝️Note: To edit the Call of Action button, you will need to be the Administrator of the Facebook Page to make this change.  

Here's a video of how to edit your Call to Action button on Facebook:

Once the Call to Action button has been set-up, your patients on Mobile can then use the "Book Now" button to access Online Booking 🙌. 

If you want more options for linking your online bookings portal to places outside of Cliniko, check out the rest of our online bookings help articles!

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