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Reconcile in Xero when using the Cliniko integration
Reconcile in Xero when using the Cliniko integration

Reconcile transactions in Xero.

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Now that everything is connected and set up as our set up guide recommends, you can start invoicing and documenting your payments in Cliniko!ย 

As the invoices are created and payments are allocated in Cliniko, they will be pushed across to the relevant accounts in Xero. As the information starts to populate, you will want to make sure that the money in your bank account is accurately reflected in your recorded invoices and payments. This is where reconciling occurs!

This article will cover:

Reconciling when Cliniko payments are syncing to the bank feed account

Please see Xero's article on reconciling your bank account here:

If you have any queries about your invoices or payments from Cliniko, please let us know. We are easiest reached from within Cliniko by clicking Help on the blue sidebar, and clicking Chat with us! If you require any support with the reconciling process, please contact Xero support.

Reconciling when payments are syncing to one or more clearing accounts

To start the reconciliation process, you will need a couple of tabs open. Here's what you'll need:

The clearing account report

  1. In Xero, head to Accounting โ†’ Cash Summary.

  2. Find the relevant Clearing Account on the summary.

  3. Click on the monetary total for the month in question.

  4. Set your date range, and click "Update".

That will provide you with the total amount of payments pushed across from Cliniko for the date range selected.

The reconciliation page

  1. In Xero, head to Accounting โ†’ Bank Accounts.

  2. Click on the Bank Account required.

  3. Click on the Reconcile tab.

That will bring you to the actual reconciliation page in Xero. This is where you will be reviewing your deposits.

Now, to reconcile

  1. Find the Deposit that you wish to reconcile.

  2. Confirm the deposit is the correct amount that you were expecting, by referring to your Clearing Account report.

  3. If that looks in order, click on the "Create" tab.

  4. Enter a name in the "Who" field for the transaction (e.g. EFTPOS Deposit).

  5. Select the "Acct" in question (in this case, the EFTPOS Clearing Account).

  6. Then hit "OK".

You have just reconciled your first deposit in Xero! Now, we'll explain what you just did.

When Cliniko pushes payments into your clearing account, we are creating "debits". This means that your clearing account is now increasing in value. The aim of reconciling to make sure that the money that you are receiving into your bank account is "zeroing out" the debits in that clearing account. By using the "create" function on the reconciliation page, you are now creating a "credit" in that clearing account. Thus, you are wiping off the debt that you have accumulated.

Essentially, Cliniko is saying "these are expected payments, clear this ledger when you receive these payments in your bank account" and the reconciling process is just you saying "I now have this money in my bank account, that debt can now be cleared."

Remember, before you can reconcile, you'll need to be sure that you've connected Cliniko to Xero, as well as set up all your appropriate accounts in Xero! First, you'll want to set up Xero for use with Cliniko. After that, you can integrate!

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