Cliniko will apply any unallocated payments as account credit on a patient's file. This is really useful if the patient is paying for multiple appointments up front, or is given credit to go towards services or products purchased in the future.

Sometimes, though, you may assign a credit by mistake to a patient, and removing it can seem a bit tricky! All you really need to do though, is find the unallocated payment the credit came from. This tutorial will walk you how to do that.

Delete account credit from a patient's file

First, find the cause of the credit.

Find the patient in question, and take note of how much credit they have on file (in the example below, the patient has $50 of credit that needs to be deleted):

Remember that number! Now, head to the patient's Payments page, where you'll see a list of all payments that have been entered under their name:

Each payment has its own "allocation" (meaning, an invoice that it is assigned to). If a payment is entered without being "allocated" to an invoice, it will result in an erroneous credit!

You will need to investigate each payment to figure out which one might be the culprit here. What you specifically want to look for is nothing next to where it says Payment applied to invoices, and a value next to Allocated to account credit:

When you've found the payment that indicates an amount that's been allocated to account credit, you know this is the one! 

Now, delete that credit.

If this was a credit entered in error, you'll want to delete it. Click the Archive payment button, and that will take care of it for you:

☝️ Note: You'll need to be an administrator or a power receptionist to archive the payment. If you don't see the option to do so, we advise talking to the owner of your account for assistance!

Now, perhaps deleting isn't what you want to do, and instead, you want to use that credit to pay an invoice! Head over here to learn how to do that.

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