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Create an account statement

An account statement will summarise your patients' invoices and payments in one spot!

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Account statements are really useful for creating a list of invoices for multiple appointments. For example, if an insurer wants a full list of a patient's appointments (including dates and prices), as well as the remaining balances for those treatments, an account statement is the way to go, because it provides a summary of that data!

If you've already created an account statement and are wondering what the numbers on it mean (such as the values associated with "previous balance" and "statement balance"), head over here.

Create an account statement

Find the patient that you want to create the account statement for, and click on Account statement:

Then, use the filters to customise the statement:

Hit Apply filter, and you will then be able to see the statement, as well as email or print it:

All done! ๐Ÿ‘Œ If you need to create a standalone invoice for a patient, you can learn how to do that here.ย For further reading on how to interpret the various parts of an account statement, head over here.

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