Cliniko has a nifty feature that allows you to attach files to patients! However, if you've ever accidentally attached the wrong file to a patient (or the correct file, but to the wrong patient!), you'll probably need to delete it! 

Delete a File Attachment

Head to the File attachments area of the the patient's page, and find the attachment you need to delete. Click the Delete button:

When you click that Delete button, your browser will ask you if you want to permanently delete the file (this is a safeguard as one final step, in case you didn't mean to delete it!). Click OK:

You will then no longer see that file attachment on the patient's page! 

☝️ Note: The only user roles that allow for the deletion of file attachments are Practitioners (who can delete only their own file attachments), Power Receptionists, and Administrators (who can delete all file attachments). 

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