Daily appointment reminders for practitioners

Receive an email every morning with your booked appointments.

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If you're a Practitioner, you may want an automated email every morning with a list of the day's upcoming appointments! The daily email will contain a list of individual appointments, group appointments, unavailable blocks, and open availability.


Currently, only practitioners can receive a daily appointment email. Administrative staff cannot be notified.

Get daily appointment emails

This is not a global setting. You will need to be set this up for each individual practitioner who wants to enable daily appointment emails.

To enable daily appointment emails, head into your practitioner settings. If you're a practitioner, you can access your settings by clicking on My info under your name:

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If you're an administrator, you can set this up for practitioners by heading to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

You'll then want to edit your (or the other user's) settings:

Once you're in the practitioner settings area, scroll down to Daily appointment email:

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From here, tick the box next to Receive a daily email of that day's appointments.

Update your settings, and you're all set! ๐Ÿ™Œ

If a practitioner has availability set-up at a location but no appointments are scheduled for the day, weโ€™ll send an email indicating that nothing has been booked. Otherwise, if the practitioner has no availability set-up for a specific day (for example they are off Saturdays and Sundays) and no appointments are scheduled, no email will be sent.

Privacy settings for patient names

If you prefer to anonymise patient names and numbers within the daily notification email, you can set this up through the Patient privacy settings.

To do this, as an Administrator, head to Settings, and then Patient or Client privacy:

Under Patient anonymisation, you'll want to turn On the Anonymise booking notifications:

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Now, all calendar booking, online booking, cancelled booking notification, and practitioner daily appointment email will only include anonymised patient details:

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Want practitioner notifications of cancelled appointments, you can enable that, as well! Head on over here to learn how.

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