Using keyboard shortcuts in Cliniko

Keyboard shortcuts on certain pages can help to speed up your process!

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Keyboard shortcuts can be used to, quite literally, let you take a shortcut when doing something in your Cliniko account! On any page, if you press the shift key and then press the question mark key (shift and ?) a screen will open up that will give you a list of "shortcuts" that will be relevant to that page. This is an example of the shortcuts for the appointments page:

The list that you see outlines which keys you can press to take a shortcut. For example, on the appointments page, pressing the number 5 will let you skip ahead five weeks on the calendar. Pressing T will take you to today.

To get rid of the list of shortcuts, simply press the escape key (esc), or click anywhere on the page with your mouse.

The shortcuts won't be available on every page or section within Cliniko, but they will work on quite a few. If you're curious to see if a certain page offer shortcuts and what they are, just press shift and ? to see if the shortcut list is brought up.

Keyboard shortcuts are handy if you tend to type quickly and prefer to keep as much action as possible to the keyboard!

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