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Why did my payment information automatically update?
Why did my payment information automatically update?

When you are issued a new card, your payment details can often be automatically updated.

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Our payment processor works directly with banks, and credit card companies will automatically to update your card details so that you can continue using Cliniko without interruption.

There are a number of reasons your payment details can change:

  • New card

  • Name change

  • New expiry date

  • Billing address change

If you received an email notifying you of your card details updating in Cliniko, no further action needs to take place other than making sure your new card has been activated and is ready to be used.

To verify or change the payment details, head to Settings → Cliniko Subscription within your account. From this page, you can view a summary of the payment details on file, download copies of past subscription invoices, update your existing card, or change your plan.

Make sure to save the page if you make any changes otherwise you're all set! 🙌

Have any remaining questions? Send us a note and we can help—just click the "chat bubble" in the lower right-hand corner of this page! 💬

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