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See which appointments haven't been invoiced yet
See which appointments haven't been invoiced yet

If you need to see which appointments haven't yet had invoices created, this report is for you!

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If you need to get a quick list of any appointments that have not been invoiced (meaning, no invoices have been raised at all), then the Uninvoiced appointment report is for you!

This report will let you see which appointments have not yet had any invoices created, and you’ll be able to create an invoice without having to go back to the calendar to find the appointment (which should save a few clicks!).

Appointments will only show up in this report if no invoices have been created whatsoever. If you’re wanting to find appointments/invoices that are still owing, check out the Outstanding invoices report!

See which appointment don't have any invoices created yet

Head to Reports, and then Uninvoiced appointments:

On the next page, you'll be able to set the date range, the business, and the practitioner. When you hit that Create report button, you'll see a list of all appointments that do not have any invoices linked to them:

If you want to create an invoice for any of these appointments, simply hit the "Create invoice" link, and an invoice will be created for that appointment! Here's a quick video of this process in action:

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