Add specific terms of use to online bookings about COVID-19

Use 'terms of use' in online bookings to request that patients forego their appointment if they're feeling unwell.

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If you have online bookings enabled, you can add your own terms of use. What this means is that every patient who makes a booking online will have to agree to these terms before they can book their appointment.

In the specific case of COVID-19, you might ask that patients agree to cancel their booking if they become ill.ย 

If you head into Settings, and then Online bookings, you'll be able to add the terms into the "Terms of use" section:

Save those settings, and your patients will see something like this before they place their booking:

If they don't tick the "I accept" box, they won't be able to place their booking:

If you don't already have online bookings enabled, head over here to learn how to set them up. As aways, our support team is here to assist if you need anything!

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