Use the Mailchimp integration to send bulk emails to your patients about COVID-19

Use Mailchimp to send all of your patients an update about anything relating to your clinic and COVID-19.

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Mailchimp allows you to send group emails. That means you can send the same message to all of your patients in one go, which is handy when it comes to communicating something to everyone—and quickly!

Cliniko's integration with Mailchimp means you can fire off an email to every single one of your patients, and it only takes a few steps. If you're already integrated with Mailchimp, then you can bypass the initial steps of getting set up and create a campaign. This guide on Mailchimp's support site walks you through the steps.

If you haven't integrated with Mailchimp just yet, follow our guide here for getting set up. With Mailchimp, if integrating for the first time, we would recommend having "double opt in" turned off in your Audience. If you have that turned on, then Mailchimp will send out an "invite" to be added to your Audience, and you would be prevented from sending to them until they accept that invite (which may be never!). While this is an important option for marketing emails, it's not too useful when needing to send out time-sensitive medical info!

As usual, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help out! 🙂

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