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Record communication notes

Jot down some notes about any type of communication you may have with a patient!

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If you have a phone call with a patient (or any other sort of conversation, really), it might be handy to have a record of what that conversation was about! ✍️

We'll walk you through how to record communications between yourself and a patient.

This function is available to any user role that can see communications—receptionist, practitioner, power receptionist, and administrator.

Record communications with patients

This will not send anything out to your patients. It's purely an internal tool for recording important details!

Find the patient you spoke with. In their details page, click Communications:

On the next page, click the Add communication button:

You'll be able to select the type of communication (SMS, email, phone call, or other), the direction (sent or received), and who was involved:

If it's a private conversation, you can make it confidential (note that currently, only practitioners and administrators can make things confidential, and confidential information will only be visible to practitioners and administrators):

When you're all finished, click the Create communication button. It will show up as a memo in the communcations log:

If you need to review the content, just click the date and you'll be able to see the relevant details:

And that's all there is to it! 🙌 Now you can easily keep track of any conversations, emails, phone calls, and even text messages with your patients. 📲

Need to pull up a record of something specific? The communications log will help with this! 💬

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