Get notified of all new appointments

If you're a practitioner, you can opt to be notified of all new bookings!

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If you're a practitioner, you may want to be notified of new bookings. You can choose to be notified of new online bookings specifically, but if you want to be alerted every time reception books an appointment for you, you can set that up, too!

Currently, only practitioners can be notified of new appointments that are booked. Administrative staff cannot be notified.

Get notified of new appointments

This is a practitioner-specific setting. It is not global, and will need to be set up for each individual practitioner.

Head into your practitioner settings. If you're a practitioner, you can access your settings by clicking on My info under your name:

If you're an administrator, you can set this up for practitioners by heading to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

You'll then want to edit your (or the other user's) settings:

Once you're in the practitioner settings area, scroll down to Calendar booking notifications:

From here, you can select whether you'd like to be notified by email, SMS, both, or none, and you can specify the timeframe.

Update your settings, and you'll be all set! ๐Ÿ™Œย 

This setting is only for new appointments booked "internally"โ€”by another user of your Cliniko account. If you'd like to be notified of new bookings made by patients through your online bookings page, you can learn how to set that up here.

If you're a practitioner and also wish to be notified of cancelled appointments, you can enable that, as well! Head on over here to learn how.

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