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Add "body chart" questions to treatment note templates
Add "body chart" questions to treatment note templates

Include "body chart" questions in your treatment note templates!

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If you're keen to use body charts in your treatment notes, you'll need to include a "Body chart" question in your treatment note templates! 

Whether you're using the charts that Cliniko provides or have uploaded your own, if you want to be able to mark up those charts, you'll need to sure that your treatment note templates are structured correctly.

This article will walk you through the steps!

This function is currently only available to administrators and power receptionists.

Add "body chart" questions to treatment note templates

Once your charts are uploaded, head to Settings, and then Treatment note templates:

Select the template you want to edit, or add a new one

When setting up the questions, you'll need to have "body chart" be a question type:

With the "body chart" question types, you'll be able to add as many body charts into this question as need be!

Save your template! Now, when writing treatment notes, you'll be able to add body charts directly to the notes themselves:

🙌 All set! Happy charting! 

There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with body charts—head on over here to learn more!

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