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Understanding the body chart editor
Understanding the body chart editor

How to use the body chart editor in Cliniko.

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If you're using body charts in treatment notes, marking them up is going to be something you do pretty often!

We'll walk you through how the various tools in the body charts work. 👍 

Understanding the body chart editor

When you're in "markup" mode, you'll see the toolbar on the left:

Each tool has a different purpose!

The hand tool

The tool that's shaped like a hand 🤚 will allow you to move the chart around:

This might be handy if your chart is on the larger side (or you're zoomed in) and you need to access parts of the image that are somewhat hidden from view.

The pencil tool

The pencil tool ✏️ will allow you to draw on your chart. You can use your mouse or trackpad if you're on a computer, or a stylus or your finger if you're on a tablet or phone!

The eraser tool 

This one will allow you to erase anything you've drawn! 

The text tool

You can use the text tool to type onto your body charts! ⌨️

The colour tool

You can use this tool to colour-code the markings on your charts (and you can also change the colour of your typed text if you want!). 🎨

The undo/redo tool

This one allows you to undo any mistakes (and redo anything that might have been undone in error!). 

If you're using body charts on the regular, we have a whole bunch of tutorials on how to get the most out of them. Head on over here for more!

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