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Add a contact

Add a contact (such as a referring doctor or third-party payer) to Cliniko.

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In the world of Cliniko, a contact is someone who is kind of related in some capacity to a patient (or your clinic), but isn't a patient—so, someone such as a referring GP, or maybe an insurance company who you'll be billing on behalf of a patient.

Once you add contacts into Cliniko, you'll be able to do some nifty things with them, too—such as send letters to them, or link them up with your patients as referring doctors or referral sources!

Add a contact

If you have a lot of contacts, you can import them into Cliniko. Learn how to do that here.

Head to the Contacts tab, and then hit that Add contact button:

On the next page, you can fill in the contact's details:

Pay close attention to the "contact type"! You'll want to be sure that you set your new contact up appropriately—so for example, a referring GP would be "Doctor", as in the example below.

Save your contact, and you'll then be able to see your newly-added contact in the Contacts settings of your account:

You can also see all of them as a list:

That's all you need to do! 

Now that you've added contacts, you can also link them up with your patients as referring doctors. Head over here to learn how to do that!

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