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See a list of all the payments from particular day to help balance your transactions!

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If you need to see all the payments you've entered on a particular day, the Daily payments report is where it's at! 🙌 

This report will break down every payment you've entered on a particular day, and make it easy to reconcile your actual takings with what has been entered into Cliniko.

Let's walk through how it works!

Create a Daily payments report

Head to Reports, and then Daily payments:

On the next page, you'll have the option to select the day, the times of day, and the business:

You can run the report for all businesses, but you can also filter by individual businesses.

When you've selected your day, times, and business, hit that Create report button. You'll then see a report that matches what you've selected. It will include:

  • A summary of payments by type.

  • A breakdown of each payment—the payment number, what time it was entered, who the patient was, and how it was paid (i.e. cash, credit card, HICAPS, etc.).

Here's an example of what that report will look like in Cliniko:

The data you see in this report is purely based on when a payment was entered, not which invoice, appointment, or practitioner it's related to. It's possible that one payment could be related to multiple invoices. If you need to see a breakdown of when a particular invoice was paid, the Practitioner revenue by closed invoices report would be where to look!

If you wish to print your report, hit that Print button at the top of the page:

A "print dialogue" screen will open up, and you can print it out (or save it as a PDF to your computer!). 🖨 Here's what the printed version would look like:

If you need to see a summary of payments over time, check out the Payment summary report. And of course, if there are any questions, let us know!

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