Appointments schedule report

See a report of your daily, weekly, or monthly appointments.

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While you can see all appointments on the calendar, it can sometimes be helpful to have a standalone document that summarises what's on the books!

The appointment schedule report lets you do just that—you can create a print-friendly report that lets you see your daily, weekly, or monthly appointments, and you can filter by business and practitioner, too!

Create an appointments schedule report

Head to Reports, and then Appointments schedule:

On the next page, you'll have the option to select your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule:

You can run the report for all practitioners and all businesses, but you can also filter things out by individual practitioner and/or business!

When you've selected the type of appointment report you want, hit that Create report button. You'll then see a report that matches what you've selected. It will include:

  • A summary of appointments by type.

  • A summary of how many appointments each practitioner has.

  • A breakdown of each individual appointment and its details (time, patient, practitioner, type, and patients contact details and reference number, if applicable).

Here's an example of what that report will look like in Cliniko:

The appointments schedule report does not include anything marked as "Did not arrive"—so if you had ten patients booked in a day, but one of them didn't show up and you marked that appointment as DNA, your report would only show nine appointments.

If you wish to print your report, hit that Print button at the top of the page:

A "print dialogue" screen will open up, and you can print it out (or save it as a PDF to your computer!). 🖨 Here's what the printed version would look like:

Cliniko has a lot of other handy reports, too! Check them out here. And if you have questions on this report, let our support team know! We're available through the little chat box in the lower-right. 😊 💬

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