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Enter an expense into Cliniko!

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You can enter expenses into Cliniko—this can be helpful in keeping track of what you're spending. You can even update your product stock levels using expenses

Expenses aren't limited just to product purchases, though. You can use them for whatever makes sense—rent, utilities, even payroll. This article will walk you through the process of adding an expense!

Adding an expense

First, head to the Expenses tab, and then hit that Add expense button:

On the next page, fill out the details of your expense:

The vendor and category fields aren't mandatory, but we recommend including these, as it'll help to keep things organised when it comes to running expense reports!

If the expense is related to a product purchase, you can automatically update the stock levels of that product. Head over here to learn how to do that!

Add notes to your expense, if applicable, and hit that Create expense button:

You'll then see that expense in your list of all expenses:

And you're all done! 🙌

If you make a mistake, you can also edit or archive your expenses.

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