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Restrict financial details from practitioners
Restrict financial details from practitioners

Restrict financial details from being visible to Practitioners.

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In some cases, you may wish to hide financial details from your practitioners (for example, maybe only the practice manager at your clinic handles invoices and payments). Cliniko makes it easy for you to limit what your practitioners can see.

Hide invoices and payments from practitioners

First, head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Permissions, tick the box under Practitioners that says "Cannot see any financial details":

Save those settings! Now, your practitioners will not be able to add any invoices or payments, see any financial details whatsoever—this includes reports, products, and expenses, as well. Their view of Cliniko will look something like…

🚫 No invoices, payments, products, or expenses tabs in the sidebar:

🚫 No "Add a payment" button on the appointment pop-up:

🚫 No financial reports, including their own practitioner revenue reports:

If you want to lift that restriction at any time, simply head back to your General settings, and ensure that the box is not ticked:

Administrators will still be able to see all financials, and if a practitioner is also an administrator, they will be able to see everything.

Cliniko offers a few other types of custom permissions, as well, such as restricting the ability to view treatment notes and letters only to the practitioner who wrote them. Check that out over here!

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