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Transfer patients from Outlook 2011 into Cliniko

Export patients from Outlook 2011 and import them into Cliniko.

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Exporting data from Outlook 2011

If you have a list of patients in Outlook 2011, you can export them from Outlook, and then import them into Cliniko. Here's how!

First, export your contacts.

Log into Outlook. Once you're logged in, go to File β†’ Export:

From there, click Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text) and click the right arrow button:

Create a name for it (i.e. Contacts Export) and press Save:

πŸ‘† Note: It will save as a .txt file. This is okay.

Click Done to finish:

This should export the file to the downloads directory on your computer! There's one more step after this.

Save your data as a CSV file.

Once you've exported the file to Excel, you'll need to save it as a CSV file (which is the type of file Cliniko requires). When in Excel, you can go to File β†’ Save As, and select CSV as the file type.

Once that's finished, you can follow the steps for importing it into Cliniko!

Using a different version of Outlook? We have some guides on how to export contacts from Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, as well!

Unfortunately, beyond this guide, Cliniko cannot help with this initial step of getting the data. Once you have it, we can help with importing it, but we won't be able to get the data from Outlook for you.

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