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Merge duplicate patients

Accidentally have two versions of the same patient? Merge them together!

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Sometimes you end up with duplicated patients in your database. Instead of deleting one of the patients, Cliniko allows you to merge the two records!

Merging the patients means that any important information in both records is kept, for example: appointments, treatment notes, and invoices.

If you do find yourself with duplicate patients, you can simply merge them, and all will be a-okay! πŸ‘Œ

Merge patients together

🚨 Merging patients is an irreversible process. Please be sure that you're merging the correct patients. If you incorrectly merge two patients, you will need to manually add the other patient again.

Find one of the patients you want to merge, and click the Merge button:

You will be presented with any possible duplicate patients. Be sure to verify that these are in fact duplicates, and not two different patients who just happen to have the same name! You can double-check the date of birth and mobile numbers to help.

Tick the box next to Merge, and then, after confirming that you do indeed wish to merge these patients together, click the Merge patients button:

They will now be merged together, and that's all you need to do!

🚨 WARNING: This cannot be reversed. If you merge two patients together in error, you will not be able to separate them again, and you will need to manually add that patient again.

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