Transfer patients from iPhone or iCloud into Cliniko

Export patients from your iPhone Contacts and import them into Cliniko.

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Exporting data from Your iPhone/iCloud Account

This guide will focus on exporting contacts from your iPhone using iCloud. ☁️ Once you have them from iCloud, you can import them into Mac Contacts, Outlook, or Google contacts—and from there, you can get them ready for import into Cliniko! 

First, get your contacts from iCloud.

Log into iCloud at

Select Contacts:

Select the individual contacts you want, or if you want everyone, press command + A (if you're on a Mac) or Ctrl + A (if you're on a PC):

Once you have selected the contacts you want, click the little gear icon at the bottom left of the screen, and from there, select Export vCard:

The vCard download will start immediately and be sent to the downloads directory on your computer. That's only step one, though!

Next, import the vCard into a program of your choice.

This step is not related to Cliniko in any way, but if you wish to transfer your iPhone/iCloud contacts to Cliniko, you will need to convert the vCard to a CSV file. Importing it into Gmail, your Mac contacts, or Outlook would be the advised way of going about this.

You'll need to convert the vCard into a "readable format"—a CSV file. We've found some resources that may assist with this:

Once you've imported your iPhone/iCloud contacts into one of the above programs, you can then go through the motions for transferring those contacts from that program and importing it into Cliniko.

We have some guides that should help with that part of the process:

Unfortunately, beyond this guide, Cliniko cannot help with this initial step of getting the data. Once you have it, we can help with importing it, but we won't be able to get the data from your iCloud account for you, or import it into one of the programs mentioned above.

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