Transfer patients from Gmail Contacts into Cliniko

Export patients from Google Contacts and import them into Cliniko.

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Exporting data from Gmail Contacts

If you've been keeping track of all your patients in Gmail, you can grab them all and import them into Cliniko! We'll walk you through the steps.

First, get your contacts from Gmail.

Log into Gmail. Under where it says Gmail in the upper-left, click Contacts:

On the next page, click More, and then Export:

Select the contacts you wish to export, and under Which export format, select Outlook CSV:

If you choose all contacts, there might be some non-patients in the list! If you've been organising your contacts into "groups"—perhaps you have a group called "Friends", one called "Patients", etc.—select the appropriate group to export! If you don't have any groups, no worries—you can always manually go through the list before importing it into Cliniko, and remove anyone who is not a patient.

This should export the file to the downloads directory on your computer! Now you can take that file and import it into Cliniko. 🙌

Unfortunately, beyond this guide, Cliniko cannot help with this initial step of getting the data. Once you have it, we can help with importing it, but we won't be able to get the data from Gmail for you.

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