Assign a referral source to a patient

Track where your patients are coming from by assigning referral sources.

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Once you have set up all your referral sources, you can now assign them against your patients. You'll want to set up your all your sources first, so that you can report easier down the track!

Assigning referral sources to patients

First, select the patient you wish to assign the source to, and edit their details. All the way down at the bottom of the page, under Referral source (for marketing), you'll note that it defaults to None:

Select the applicable Referral type from the drop-down menu:

Depending on what you select, you may see additional fields for sub-category or the referrer's name. Selecting Patient or Contact as the source will require that you input a name—and these names are pulled from already-existing patients or contacts in your account. Be sure that you have already added the referrer as another patient or a contact, if this is the case!

Enter the other details about your referral source:

Click Save patient, and you're all set! 🙌

Once you have all your patients set up with referral sources, you can use the Referral sources report to track your best referrers over time. 

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