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Set up patient referral sources for marketing purposes.

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Cliniko helps you track patient referrals for marketing purposes. We'll show you how to set up your patient referral sources so that when you're adding a new patient, you'll have all the possible referral sources set up and ready to go!

Add a new referral source

Head to Settings, and then Referral sources:

You'll notice that there are already a few sources set up. These are system settings, and cannot be changed. The "Patient" and "Contact" options link to other patients and contacts in Cliniko, so you can add referrals between files within your account!

Click Add referral source:

Type in the name of your new source:

You'll notice "sub-categories"—these are not required, but you can use them to further drill down in an overall category. For example, when tracking your online advertising:

Be sure to click the Create referral source button, and now that new source (as well as any sub-categories) will be ready to go!

Now when you come to add a new patient and they tell you they heard about your clinic from that cleverly placed Instagram ad, you'll be able to record the right referral source!

Head over here to learn how to assign referral sources to your patients!

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