Set up concession prices

Set up discounted prices for patients that have a concession!

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After you've added your concession types, the next thing you'll want to do is give them prices! This price you add here will be reflected on the patient's invoice (for example, you may normally offer a service for $100, but the concession rate for students is $90—this particular service would automatically be discounted to $90 on their invoice).

Concession types and pricing cannot be applied to online booking payments.

Set up concession prices

Head to Settings, and then Billable items:

Select the billable item you want to apply a concession price to. When you're in the billable item's settings, you'll see a Concessions area. All your existing concession types will be displayed, and you can add any price into each one:

Be sure to hit the Update billable item button, and you're all done! 👍 

What this all means is that when you create an invoice for a patient who has a concession type assigned (and you add any billable item with a concession price to that Invoice), that patient will automatically be charged at the concession rate.

The last thing you'll want to do is assign concession types to your patients

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