Recalling patients

Recall patients so that you can see when they should be coming back in!

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After you've assigned recall types to your patients, you'll definitely want to know who needs to be recalled, and when! It's easy to obtain a comprehensive list of all your patients who need to be recalled. 

Run a patient recall report

Head to Reports, and then Recalls:

Select the parameters for your report, and click Create report:

The date range field is for when you need to recall someone, i.e. between now and six months down the road!

All patients who need to be recalled within the parameters you've set will show in the resulting table:

If you'd like to mark a patient as recalled right from this list, tick the box next to "Recalled." This will also display on the patient's details page, so you can know who recalled the patient, and when, as in the example below.

That's all it takes to run a recall report and see which of your patients need to be recalled! 

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