If a patient has multiple appointments booked in the future and asks for a list of all of them (or if you'd just like to take a look for your own scheduling purposes), you can generate a list of upcoming appointments for that particular patient.

To do this, find the patient in question, and then navigate to "Appointments":

If there are upcoming appointments, they will show at the top of the list (appointments are ordered chronologically from newest to oldest). Upcoming appointments will be indicated by a little flag that says "Upcoming appt.", as shown below:

This list is good for viewing online, but not necessarily "print friendly". If you'd like to print a list of all upcoming appointments, select the Print upcoming appointments button at the top of the page:

This will generate a PDF that lists all upcoming appointments for this patient:

You can either print that off, or email it to the patient as an attachment—whatever works for you! 🖨

On the flip side, if you need to find out which patients have no upcoming appointments, the Patients without upcoming appointments report should be handy! Head over here to learn how to run that report.

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